3277Today is Free Comic Book Day!

Free Comic Book Day is the first Saturday of every May and is an event where participating comic book shops give out free comic books to anyone that wants them. Publishers are even in on the action, producing special issues for retailers to give away.

This is a fantastic event that began in 2002 and has grown every year since then. Many shops even host special events with guests and contests and other specials throughout the day.

This is a great way for retailers to attract new customers, for publishers to showcase their titles, and for readers to be introduced to titles they might not have tried otherwise.

There is a comic book shop not too far from my house. It is a little shop in the corner of another store and I visit every once in a while, but the majority of my reading is done on the iPad with books purchased from ComiXology.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, ComiXology is giving away a lot of free books this weekend. I open their email to see that there is a whole slew of books from Image and Submit that are being handed over at no charge! (Submit is the ComiXology portal for indie creators to get their books in the market place.)

I couldn’t help myself.

I was clicking the add to cart buttons like a mouse pushing a lever for a snort of coke.

I initially ordered 31 of the free books.

Then as I was writing this I went back to look at the link and added 14 more books to my order.

I picked a lot of books that I thought I might like and some I have already read when they were first published, but I also picked a lot of books based only on the title or cover art. Some of them I have no idea what they are about.

But you know what? I may have found some series that may pull me in.

So here are a few of the titles I downloaded. You may see reviews of these and the other books I downloaded at some point on this blog.

Or you may not.


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