My eBook Paradox

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I bought my first Kindle in 2010, and have never regretted the purchase.

Kindle changed my life when it comes to books and reading. In an instant I had access to hundreds of thousands of books. I could carry hundreds of books in one hand. I could finish reading one novel and immediately look through the bookstore and buy a new one no matter where I was.

Even on the toilet.

Another thing it did was put my bookshelf on a super weight loss diet. Yes, there are still books I buy that I will want to flip through from time to time, but for the most part I do not have a need to buy a whole lot of fiction in dead tree format.

Don’t get me wrong, I love paperback books. I love the feel of them in my hands. I love to smell the paper as I flip the pages in under my nose. I like to feel the the number of pages I have left to read in my right hand.

But it is so much easier, and sometimes even cheaper, to buy the books on Kindle and read them through pixels.

So I will still pick up a paperback books as an impulse buy or welcome them as gifts. But for the most part I don’t need them to take up space on my shelf.

Now, another thing the Kindle has done for me is open a world of indie writers and publishers that I would have never found in the local bookstore.

Most times these writers only publish in eBook format.

But the industry is finally catching up and making it easier for these writers to put out high quality paperback books. And no longer do these writers just upload a PDF file to a printer and hope for the best. But these writers are crafting their books like a carpenter puts together a rocking chair.

They are getting beautiful covers designed. They are collecting illustrations for the interior. They are formatting the books with precision.

And then many of them are offering autographed copies to their readers and fans.

So now I am urged to buy paperbacks again.

I still buy the eBook and read the story that way, but when the paperback of a fantastic story is offered by the author I need to have it. I have now started collecting autographed copies, and even some non-autographed copies, of the stories that I enjoy most.

Amazon has once again changed how I buy books. In electronic format AND in paperback format.



  1. I’m in exactly the same situation. I recently bought the Sand, Pennsylvania and The Dark Age paperbacks and they’re great. I’d gladly buy more physical copies of books. I love “real” books.

    My problem is space. My apartment isn’t big enough to hold the books I have (at least not without stacking them three deep on the bookshelves). I need less books, not more 🙂

    • Bill

      May 23, 2014 at 6:00 PM

      I have decided not to buy any hard copies unless they are special in any way. Specially designed by the publisher/writer or autographed etc. I still need to clean my bookcase out to get some room though. lol

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