Earlier this week a message from J.J. Abrams was sent out on YouTube, direct from the set of Episode VII. You can see that video here.

The main point of the message was to tell people about Star Wars: A Force for Change. It is a new initiative to find creative solutions to the world’s problems. To entice people to donate to this initiative they are holding a contest and the prize is a walk on role as an alien in the upcoming Episode VII.

The most interesting thing about this video, however, is this guy:

Star Wars © & ™ 2014 Lucasfilm Ltd. -- Image from youtube.com/starwars

Star Wars © & ™ 2014 Lucasfilm Ltd. — Image from youtube.com/starwars

During J.J.’s message this guy walks into the frame, the two give each other a look, and then he walks out of the frame.

Could this be a preview of how some of the aliens will look in Episode VII?

Will they be using more puppets and less CGI in the creation of the creatures and environments we will be seeing?

I hope so.

There is something special about puppets when they are used in movies like this. Notice the way this guy moves through the frame. The way the hairs move as he walks. The feathers blowing in the wind. The way the small puppets in the cage move.

I also think that when actors interact with puppets there is something more organic and real than when actors interact with tennis balls on a green screen. Yes, CGI can be good and works very well with today’s technology, but going back to puppets can be very good for the Star Wars franchise.

It seems that the people involved with Episode VII are starting to release little teasers as they work on the film. I became very nostalgic over the cast photo that was released not too long ago, and I am feeling nostalgic over this new creature too.

Jim Henson’s Creature Shop did not have anything to do with the original Star Wars, and according to this article it will have nothing to do with the new Star Wars, but this alien reminds me a lot of the Jim Henson creatures. I grew up on these creatures in other movies and television shows. Seeing this puppet come through the shot and interact, even only for a second, with a real person is exciting to me.

It makes me happy.

Happier still if there are a lot of puppets in the movie.

And I will be down right giddy if they continue to release teasers for the movie as they make the film.