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Robot Uprisings and Audiobooks

robotproletarietLess than a year ago the guys over at Realm and Sands came out with the “pilot episode” of their serial, Robot Proletariat. They said it was basically Downtown Abbey with robots.

But it was so much more than that.

The first episode of this serial had me hooked and as soon as they released the entire book, or season as they call it, I bought the Kindle version. That book has been sitting on my to be read list ever since. I am at the point where I need to actually stop myself from buying books because I have more unread books than read books.

But this tale of robot uprising was told from a unique perspective, that of the robots. I was dying to find out what happened to the robots and the humans in this story.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I got the opportunity to receive a free audiobook of the novel in exchange for an honest review.

I jumped at that chance.

Besides a few podcasts of books I never really got into the audiobook market. It was not because I did not want to. I remember seeing audiobooks when I was a kid and thinking, “I can have someone read them to me instead of reading them myself?” But back then the cost of audiobooks did not fit the budget of a teenager without a job.

Even today the cost of some audiobooks are still a little high, and I would rather sit and read to myself then spend a few extra dollars to have someone read to me.

But this is a game changer.

With the audiobook, and the app on my phone I was able to listen while driving to and from work and while out for my runs. Another lesson from this is that having a book read to you while on a long run can be a great thing.

So I listened to the book. I gave it the review. 5 stars by the way.

And now I am searching through my to be read list to find other books that I can listen to while running and driving.

Audiobooks will really help me catch up on my reading.

Now if only I had a robot to do everything else for me.

Check out Robot Proletariat in ebook and audiobook format now:

eBook                                Audiobook

So…It’s a Soap Opera for Fanboys?

Game of Thrones copyright Home Box Office.

Game of Thrones copyright Home Box Office.

I finally finished watching the first season of Game of Thrones.

Yeah, that’s right. Finally.

I don’t usually watch a lot of television as it happens. Thanks to Netflix and Amazon I often wait until someone says that a series is really good, or a show overtakes social media, and then I’ll just binge watch everything until I am caught up.

Game of Thrones was one of those shows. I did not know much about it and never watched it, mainly because I did not have HBO until last year. HBO was also doing a good job of keeping it off the streaming services, and I wasn’t going to bust my ass trying to get it. Or spend $50 for the season.

Luckily, HBO had a massive marathon the weekend before Season 4 started. I may binge on seasons and at times entire series, but I was not willing to sit in front of the television for about 40+ hours straight.

So I set my DVR and recorded the entire marathon.

Now I am picking my way through the DVR episode by episode. I was excited to get started, because how many high fantasy shows have we had that were really well done? I am pretty sure this is the first.

It took me about two weeks just to watch the first three episode.

Oh. My. God.

This series has a very slow start.

Where were the dragons and monsters and wizardry?

I almost gave up.

After the second episode I realized that this show was a LOT like the soap operas I have stumbled upon during day time television. There are lots of story lines running through the show following a huge cast of characters. The stories focus on character rather than plot or action. And it can take multiple episodes for things to develop.

That is fine with me.

While I am not a fan of traditional soap operas I can appreciate character driven stories, and I like an ensemble cast of characters. Soap operas clearly make interesting story telling or else they wouldn’t be so successful.

But I think a lot of every day fans are fooled as to what this show is.

It really is a soap opera.

And just because it is shrouded in a very thin layer of fantasy, doesn’t make it any different.

A few times when I mentioned the idea of it being a soap opera to someone, they seemed baffled. Somehow the conversation always moved to boobs in the show. Newsflash…the boobs are placed there to distract you from the long segments of exposition that should rarely take place in a television show that is not a soap opera.

It made me wonder, hadn’t anyone else made the soap opera connection? A quick Google search told me I was not the only one. In fact here is a fan made alternate opening sequence for Game of Thrones.


I will say that season one ended on some good notes, particularly the birth of the dragons. Finally some dragons!

Again…I like character driven stories just as much as I like plot driven stories. And I like the multiple story lines, although I like some more than others.

And I took a peek ahead at the series (I don’t care about spoilers) and it looks like I will enjoy the series. So I am going to forge ahead. I am going to try my best to like it as much as people think it should be liked.

Now…If I can just get this out of my head every time I hear the theme…

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