simpsons-fxxHave you ever seen that experiment that has a mouse pushing a button, and every time he pushes the correct button he gets a little snort of cocaine or a tiny piece of crack? After a while the mouse just keeps pushing the button and ignores everything else.

I feel like that mouse right now.

As I write this, the FXX Network is in the middle of a twelve day marathon showing Every. Simpsons. Ever. All 552 episode from start to finish without stopping. Except for commercials, of course. It will be record breaking.

So at any moment I can push a few buttons on the remote control and binge on the longest running primetime cartoon of all time. And I have been doing that. I just flip to channel 725 on my cable box and let it run. Sometimes I get lost in a cloud of nostalgia as I watch with intensity, and other times I just let it run in the background while I do other things.

I am now showing signs of addiction. I have no regard for anything else that is on television. Even shows that I want to watch I am ignoring, letting them sit on my DVR or in my Netflix list while I stare into a sea of yellow. When I am away from the television I am wondering what episode is on, and what I have missed. On top of that there are official The Simpsons Marathon Twitter and Instagram accounts. So even when I am away from the television I am getting a sweet little taste of the extravaganza.

And now we are getting into the seasons where my watching tapered off. I still remember seeing some of the episodes, but others I have not seen and in a couple of days every episode will be new to me. This will make me want to call out of work, close the blinds, lock the door, and sit in a dark room with nothing but the television locked to FXX.

I won’t do that of course.

Or will I?