Football season started this past weekend. That means that everyone in the Philadelphia area will be reminded how horrible Eagles fans are. In fact, one of the announcers during Sunday’s Eagle’s game mentioned how the fans booed the team when they were losing at half time and cheered them when they were winning in the fourth quarter.

I remember being at a Phillies game a half decade or so ago. They were losing. Pat Burrell was having a horrendous game. So, of course when he came up to bat the stadium filled with boo birds. A lady sitting a few rows ahead of me started yelling at the entire section. She said we shouldn’t be booing our team. We should be supporting them no matter what.

News Flash: We ARE supporting our team.

We were not booing our team, we were booing their performance.

Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love. Get a few hundred miles outside of city limits and sports fans will use that name ironically. As if Philly fans have no love at all.

I will be the first to admit that a lot of Philadelphia sports fans are huge douche bags. I have seen plenty of them. But you know what? A lot of Dallas fans are douche bags too. And so are a lot of New York fans. Chicago fans can be douche bags and so can Seattle fans and Denver fans and on and on and on.

Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love.

Have you ever seen the way brothers show their love to each other? My brother and I razz and heckle each other all the time. We use to physically beat the shit out of each other. We even call each other politically incorrect names in a derogatory fashion. But my brother and I will go to war for each other.

And that is the way Philadelphia fans are. They are passionate and loyal and they are full of brotherly love.