iphone 6 plus

iPhone may appear smaller in real life.

So…I upgraded to the iPhone 6+.

Yes, I know, welcome to 2012. Right?

And if you don’t want to make jokes about Apple finally catching up with the rest of the industry, your next joke is probably why I would want a phone that is so big.

Because I don’t use the iPhone as a phone. That’s why.

I use it as a mobile device., mostly to create and consume media. Podcasts, videos, blogs, and of course Twitter.

So I actually like the jump in size.

It isn’t ridiculously huge, but it gives enough room on the screen to navigate the media I am working with and makes it especially easy for editing text as well as video.

But a larger phone doesn’t come without its disadvantages. Here are three questions I should have asked myself before ordering the iPhone 6+

1. Does this fit in my cup holder?

The center console of my car has only two cup holders. There is no other slots or cubby holes for anything else. This was never a problem because I would just tip my phone into the cup holder. A charger cable would reach the cigarette lighter and my earbuds would still reach my ears with plenty of room to spare. 

The iPhone 6+ is just wide enough to not fit in the cup holder. I can lay it on the passenger seat, but if it slides too far away it pulls on the earbuds. And what should I do if someone is sitting there?

2. Can I hide the phone while I am at work?

My day job does not allow phones while at work. They don’t pat us down or anything but if we get caught using our phone or having it with us we can get in trouble. The pants I wear to work have perfect size pockets for the iPhone 5. It sits in hiding and when I need to check it I can slip it out and slip it back in without ever being noticed.

The iPhone 6+ fits in my pocket just fine, but of course it is not as roomy as it once was in there. Now when I sit down people can see the huge bulge in my pocket…if you know what I mean…and of course slipping out real sly like to check for notifications and text messages is completely out of the question.

3. How the hell am I going to run with this thing?

I do not use my phone for running. I have a watch that keeps track of all the important numbers and when I need music I have an iPod shuffle for that. But there are times when I need to run with my phone. I usually carry it with me at races so I can update people waiting for me or contact them after I am done running. 

The SPIbelt is the perfect fit for most phones including smart phones. It fits snuggly around the waist and no it is not a fanny pack. Despite the expanding pocket which can fit a few tons of energy gel, the pocket is still not large enough to fit the iphone 6+. I refuse to wear the phone on my arm. So now I have to find a fuel belt…again it is NOT a fanny pack…that has a pocket large enough for a 5.5 inch smartphone.

Now, would any of these issues affect my decision to buy the iphone 6+ had I thought of them sooner.

Hell no. 

I haven’t specifically wanted a bigger phone, but there were plenty of times I knew a bigger phone would be better for viewing and browsing. It’s just that my small desire for a larger phone did not out-weigh my brand loyalty.

It is not a cultish maniacal brand loyalty like most Apple consumers. I don’t need everything…or really anything…that they make ***cough***applewatch***cough*** but I do like Apple and I am keeping all my tech synced up for now.

But, seriously…how am I supposed to run with this thing?