Month: March 2016

Batman v Superman: What Disappointed the Critics Will Excite the Fans

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice officially lands in theaters today, and I was lucky enough to get the chance to go to one of the many Thursday night screenings last night.

I am not a film critic or someone that writes long insightful reviews of movies, so instead I am going to just pound out my review here gonzo style. There might be some slight spoilers, but I won’t do anything to ruin the plot for you…I don’t think.

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Time Travel Is Exhausting

This morning I had over 200 pages left in the book 11/22/63 by Stephen King.

200 pages is a lot, but after reading two novel length’s worth of pages it seems like you’re almost there. Just the last few pages left. And with 200 pages left I was finally getting to the part where the main character, Jake Epping, is going to attempt to stop Lee Harvey Oswald from killing JFK.

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Should We Stop Taking So Many Pictures? 

I like technology.

I mean I like like technology.

I love the fact that the computer that fits in my pocket is more powerful than all the computers I had as a kid combined.

I also love the fact that the camera on that computer is smaller and more powerful than any camera I’ve ever owned outside of my Nikon DSLR.

Now given those simple resources it is very easy for me to take a snapshot of anything at anytime.

I see a cuddly little cat doing something cute. I can take a picture.

I see a man walking down the street dressed as Batman. I can take a picture.

Hell, I can even use pictures to take notes. I need to remember my miles and time on the treadmill? Just take a picture of the readout.

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