Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice officially lands in theaters today, and I was lucky enough to get the chance to go to one of the many Thursday night screenings last night.

I am not a film critic or someone that writes long insightful reviews of movies, so instead I am going to just pound out my review here gonzo style. There might be some slight spoilers, but I won’t do anything to ruin the plot for you…I don’t think.

I went into the movie with low expectations because of the early reviews that were showing up this week. It was being trashed by critics and Rotten Tomatoes was ranking it somewhere around like 15% at the beginning of the week, and is 30% as I write this. 

And since I have been highly disappointed in the last two Superman movies I was expecting this one to do the same.

But I think they figured out the secret to a good Superman movie: put Batman in it.

I am thankful that the movie doesn’t start with a bunch of back story or origin story stuff. We see a little bit of young Bruce Wayne, but we are quickly placed in Metropolis during the end of Man of Steel, but this time from Bruce Wayne’s point of view.

Why would Batman and Superman want to fight each other? Is a question a lot of people have been asking leading up to this movie.

They want to fight because Bruce Wayne watched two Kryptonians fight their way through Metropolis killing hundreds of thousands of people and pretty much destroying the city.

Jump 18 months after General Zod’s attack.

The movie switches a lot between Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent as we establish Bruce’s hate for Superman and Clark’s hate for the Batman. Throw in some Lex Luthor acting as the Joker and we see him hatching some hair brain scheme to take out the Superman.

This is the best looking Batman I have ever seen by the way.

This film’s version of Batman is a much more dark and reckless version than other movies. Even the Nolan films. Here he is violent and full of anger and willing to go to extremes that Adam West would never dream of. He even goes so far as to brand the most heinous criminals with the bat symbol, a mark that will make for a very bad time in prison.

Superman in this film is a little darker than the other Superman movies, but not as much as the Batman. He believes he is helping people when they need help, but there is a large percentage of the population that thinks he should be careful about helping because sometimes that leads to more people getting hurt or dying than there needs to be.

A few reviews I heard mentioned the lack of action in the film. The first half of the film could have been slow going from most peoples point of view. When you look at some of the other comic book movies that have been successful lately they are full of action and very plot driven.

Batman v Superman is still plot driven, but there is a lot of character exploration in the first half. We are also given quite a few slow motion artsy scenes that kind of slow the pace, but were very nicely done. I haven’t seen critics bash any of these scenes specifically yet, but I liked them for what they were doing.

Also, quite a few dream sequences.

Finally we have Batman and Superman fighting.

And Lex has a secret weapon…yes, the alien creature we saw in the first BvS trailer.

This creature is causing way more damage than Zod ever did, and Batman and Superman are having a hard time fending him off.

Enter…Wonder Woman.

This has got to be the best introduction I have seen to a superhero in a very long time. It wasn’t out of the blue because the movie was building to it and we saw a moment of it in the trailers for the movie so it was a little predictable, but when she jumps down and blocks the alien with her shield….whoah!

I can say that I am now super excited for the Wonder Woman movie.

And the music for her entrance…the music for the rest of the battle scene…made her even more intense.

Speaking of which, while watching the movie I noticed a lot of scenes with musical scores layered in. The score was almost non-stop for this movie, but it worked. The sound of the movie was just one great thing about it.

The look of the movie was also incredible. The visuals on the movie were amazing, even breathtaking at times. I like the dark feeling of the movie. The muted colors and the grey atmosphere. Even when all three superheroes are standing together, their costumes have the feel that the three of them belong together. The three of them are meant to be.

I must say that this is the best superhero movie I have seen in a very long time. I am a DC fan over Marvel and specifically a Batman fan over anyone else, so maybe that makes me biased, but this movie was legitimately great.

I think that Batman v Superman might have been getting bad reviews because it is quite different than the overload of Marvel movies that people have come to love. It is still a comic book movie and has the great comic book feel to it, but the way the movie plays out is quite different than what we are used to…In a good way.

So lesson learned…a lesson that I already knew…don’t listen to critics. Judge the movie for yourself and love what you want to love. Back to the Rotten Tomatoes rankings…The audience scores it a 74% though, with over 134,000 users giving it an average 3.9 out of 5 rating. So Zack Snyder must have done something right.

This movie is a must see and a great start to the DC Comics Cinematic Universe.