Earlier today CBS released a trailer for the reboot of MacGyver.

If you missed it, check it out now…


I remember as a kid watching MacGyver every week. Besides Saturday morning cartoons it was really the only other time during the week I was glued to the television.

I remember wanting a mullet.

I remember wanting a Swiss Army Knife.

I remember wanting to be able to make things out of other things live MacGyver was able to do.

I did get a Swiss Army Knife. Thankfully I never got a mullet.

When I saw that they were rebooting MacGyver I was a little nervous. Recycling old television shows has not worked well in the past…I’m looking at you Knight Rider.

And when I saw the Reddit thread for this trailer earlier today I was worried because a lot of commenters were pretty much trashing everything about the trailer.

But after watching it for myself I am not as scared about the show as I was at first. The trailer makes it look pretty good.

The whole idea that this MacGyver broke free from a “terrorist holding cell” seems a little forced, and the whole fighting terrorists thing is getting a little exhausting, but that is a deeper talk for a much more serious blog than this one.

This MacGyver appears to be the son of the original MacGyver. He says, “My dad used to always say ‘everything I need is right in front of me.'” And I vaguely remember MacGyver saying that in the original series. It would be pretty cool if Richard Dean Anderson makes an appearance or two throughout the series, although that could be a good or bad thing depending on how they would do that.

Everything I need is right in front of me.

Lincoln seems like he would be a cool character. George Eads was probably my favorite on CSI. In MacGyver he kind of has a Woody Harrelson vibe to him though. The two actors together appear to have a good chemistry, so we will see how them teaming up plays out.

I am predicting it will play out hilariously or disastrously. Hopefully the former.

And of course the trailer gives us all the nostalgia of creating something out of nothing to get out of a jam. Pulling bullets apart, lifting fingerprints, building explosive bow and arrows, and rigging a parachute to escape a runaway truck.

My only real disappointment in the trailer is that there was not even a hint of the old theme song.

I would like it if the show’s intro just used the old theme as is without changing anything. Sort of the way The X-Files used the exact same intro years later.

But you have to at the very least thread the music into the background somehow.

MacGyver is coming this fall and going to be on Friday at 8pm EST on CBS.

I kind of have high hopes for this show. It is really the only show I am looking forward to right now.

Hopefully they don’t mess it up.