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The Problem With Political Commercials

It is election season in the United States of America, and no matter where you are in the world you can pretty much see what kind of circus it is.

There are a bunch of problems with the election process, and today I am going to give my opinion on the problem with political commercials that appear on television.

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I Am Not A Serial Killer – Book Review

I finally finished reading I Am Not A Serial Killer by Dan Wells. You may remember mentioning that I discovered the book after I saw an online ad for the movie adaptation.

I debated if I should read the book first or watch the movie first, decided that I should watch the movie first, and now have finished the book. You can see my movie review here. This post will be a review of the book, with no spoilers, but I will be comparing it to the movie in the process.

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National Drink Beer Day

Apparently, according to the hash tags that are trending on Twitter, today is National Drink Beer Day. Google confirms this.

September 28th is National Drink Beer Day.

I have a few favorite beers, but let me tell you how I choose new beers when I go to the craft beer section of my local store.

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Trumped Up Blog Post

On September 5th I decided to start blogging every day for at least the rest of the year. Today is my 23rd day in a row of publishing a blog post every single day.

And let me tell you I have some great blog posts.

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I Watched the First 6 Star Wars Movies Yesterday and Here Are Some Thoughts

Apparently, TNT has acquired exclusive rights to show the first six Star Wars movies and they have been doing just that for the past week. They started showing A Phantom Menace last Tuesday and have been showing each movie in numerical order every night after that.

Yesterday was the mother of all Star Wars days. TNT showed all six episodes all day long. That, of course, meant that TNT stayed on my television all day long. And watching all six movies in a row like that kind of makes you think about things.

So here are some thoughts that came to me while watching Star Wars yesterday:

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