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A long while back I found a post about a guy that was challenged to write (and publish) a blog post every day for 30 days. He ended up doing it for well over 1000 days.

I recently re-visited that post because I have been in a funk lately. I have struggled with my writing. I have struggled with my training for the Baltimore Marathon which is only six weeks away as I write this. Something has been wrong with me and I just cant shake it.

I will never make a living from running or triathlon. I love both sports, but I am too slow to be a professional endurance athlete.

It is possible for me to make a living with my writing. It is also something that I love to do, and while I am no Stephen King I am pretty sure I could actually be good enough to at least thrive as a mid list writer.

I have a few stories published, a few more sitting on my hard drive, and more that I am working on. It is an obvious cliche’ that writers write.

I write.

A lot of people will tell you that writers write every day. And if you look at the writing habits of prolific writers most of them do write every day.

I do not write every day.

I try. I write a lot of days. I plot and edit and tinker a lot of days. And sometimes I go a few days without doing any of that.

So, to help shake the funk that I have been in, I have decided to write every day.

Every. Single. Day.

And every single day I will publish a blog post on this blog right here.

I may not make it to 1000 days, but I have decided to do it every day for the rest of the year at least. That is 117 days.

The idea here is to create a habit of writing every day. Some of these days will be garbage words that no one will want to read. Other days I might just be using my own words to share something cool that someone else has created. A book, or television show, or movie. Who knows, maybe there will be a rare day or two when I actually have something enlightening to say and it will blow my reader’s minds.

Finger’s crossed.

But the most important thing is that I write every single day, and hopefully the writings I put here will pump a little adrenaline in me and get me writing more where it counts.

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  1. I have a few bugs in the website which hindered Bradley Charbonneau from posting in the comments. He is the one I mentioned that wrote over 1400 days in a row now. He sent me a message, and I am posting it here for everyone to read. Make sure you check out his site too…

    [ Hey Bill! I tried to post this comment, but the CAPTCHA isn’t working. If you’d like, you can post this as me or let me know if you fix your CAPTCHA and I can post again.] Thanks for the link and the mention, Bill! If this makes any sense: it helps me to keep going knowing that my keeping going helps you to keep going. 😉 As a writer, I’m sure you’ll understand this, but what started out as a 30-day challenge has transformed me from “a guy who is trying to write every day” to “a writer.” It’s not just what I do now, it’s now who I am. The Every Single Day mantra has become a tool that has helped me accomplish, well, just about anything I want to tackle. In the past 1,435 or so days, I have closed down my website design company (that was making me miserable), I moved my family to Europe and I’ve written 4 books and call myself a writer to anyone I meet. It’s really so simple, isn’t it? Every. Single. Day. http://repossible.com/esd/ PLEASE keep in touch and keep me posted. I want to hear how the next 117 days go.

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