If you visited this site during the early summer months you might remember seeing the story, The Death of Captain Awesome.

This is a novella I had written and I was posting the story here on the site in serial format. I was posting a new episode twice a week and I had about fifteen episodes up on the site. I have since deleted all the episodes from this blog.

But for good reasons.

First of all, this blog was getting bogged down with each episode and the lists of recent posts looked ridiculous. It would probably be better to serialize a story on WattPad (which I was also doing) than post it n my website. Especially now that I am trying to write a post every day.

That would just be a mess.

But the real reason is that I changed my mind about the story and would rather put it together in a nice format. A nice Kindle or ePub book for the e-reader types and maybe even in paperback format for a special treat.

So that is what I am going to do. As soon as I finish the short story that I am working on right now.

And when I finally do get around to formatting it, I might even give it away for free to the people on my mailing list. So if you sign up now, you’ll be ahead of the game.


The fight for truth, justice, and the American way is rife with collateral damage. What happens when a husband and father rises from the ashes of that damage? Is he a villain? A hero? Or just a man looking for revenge?

Captain Awesome is a true American hero, and loved by nearly everyone in the city. But when he is called upon to stop a dangerous bank robbery things get out of control. Martin Mitchell watches his wife and son die as a result of Captain Awesome’s recklessness in apprehending the robbers. Now, Martin’s hate for Captain Awesome grows inside of him and the only thing on his mind is making Captain Awesome pay for their death.