I am writing today’s post while at my day job. It is almost 8:00 at night right now and I am forcing myself to write this because by the time I leave here and drive 40 minutes home I know that I am not going to want to write anything.

I thought about skipping a day, but I can’t break the chain of writing every day after doing it for less than a week.

Twelve hours ago I had just finished getting my oldest off to school and was waiting for my youngest to head out. I could have written something then. I even had a few ideas about what to write with one of those ideas involving my kids.

But something got in the way.


It wasn’t as bad as taking a quiz to see what Seinfeld character I was, but a lot of the links I was clicking on and reading and trolling through the comments were pointless. Or damn near pointless anyway.

I do get some actual news and some legit links from Facebook. I have read some very good articles and seen some intriguing videos that are shared by pages and friends.

But as I scroll through my Facebook feed I see a lot of garbage, and I mean A LOT of garbage, that has no bearing on my life. It is pointless and in some cases gets me feeling like crap.

So maybe I don’t have to get rid of Facebook completely, but I need to know when not to get on it.

Don’t  get on Facebook first thing in the morning.

I also need to cull some of the pages that show up in my feed. I don’t need to follow something that constantly shares click-bait articles with 20 slide for a ten point list.

So here it is. I got my post in for today.

But from now on I have to avoid Facebook first thing in the morning and make sure I actually accomplish something when I have some spare time.