I don’t know how my son first heard about Hamilton The Musical, but he has heard about it. And since hearing about it he has developed a slight obsession with it.

He purchased a book that might be slightly above his reading level, but will still read through eventually. He bought the soundtrack off iTunes and has listened to it enough to know the songs. He even knows some of the actors names and what they are doing outside of the play.

So I figured…why not buy tickets for his birthday and the family can spend the day in New York?

I did a Google search for Hamilton tickets and the first few links were third party sites selling tickets. My heart nearly jumped into my throat when I saw the cheapest tickets going for over $500 each. Some of the tickets listed for over $2000 each!

I then found the official site for Hamilton On Broadway. It is always better to buy direct from the source.

Standard tickets start at a low low price of $139 each and premium seats can be had for as low as $549.

But here is the problem.

The source doesn’t have any tickets.

There is a ticket update on the front page that warns buyers that tickets to Hamilton on Broadway are extremely limited. There is also a lottery that gives you the chance to buy tickets on the day of the show and that is limited to two tickets per entry.

I told my wife about my attempt to get tickets and she reminded me that Zac Efron was on the Kelly show and he said that even he is having a difficult time getting tickets. I also stumbled across a link that said Brittany Snow can’t get tickets to Hamilton either.

So if two somewhat famous celebrities who work in the industry cant get tickets, why would I think that I could get tickets?

There is some good news.

Hamilton will be going on tour.

Bad news….

Most tour dates are not until 2017-2018.

And more bad news…

Philadelphia is not yet on the list of tour cities.