In the blogging world it is pretty much agreed upon that blog posts should have a purpose. If you are blogging in a specific niche you are most likely trying to solve a problem or educate and inform your readers about something. Maybe even a little bit of both. Every post has to have a specific purpose that gets you closer to the goal of your blog.

This blog is not like that.

At least not right now it isn’t.

Yesterday I wrote a post about how difficult it is to get tickets to a musical on Broadway. Before actually hitting the keyboard and creating the post I thought about what I wanted to write in that post. I thought for a couple of hours about it in fact. I thought I would be able to make it into an enlightening post about how hard it is for the middle class to experience the theater and how that might be effecting our country.

But after brainstorming and thinking long and hard about it i finally said, “fuck it.”

I decided to just write a post about my experience trying to get tickets and leave it at that.

Here is the thing about this blog.

Right now I am blogging every day.

I am doing that to create a habit and to practice in public (also a topic for a post, but one for another day). So I do not have a specific target audience that I am trying to reach. I would eventually like to get visitors to this blog to check out my writing and pay me for my stories, but that is not my purpose of blogging right now.

Right now I just want to blog about something every day. I want to make that a habit so I will improve as a writer.

Writing a blog post every single day I have to face the fact that not every post will be some great thesis that will make people contemplate life and think twice about society.

Sometimes a blog post is simply a blog post.