Facebook algorithms have determined that I should see advertisements for the movie I Am Not A Serial Killer.

I am glad that the Facebook algorithms finally got something right.

The first time I saw the advertisement was the first time I had ever heard of the movie. After seeing the trailer embedded in my feed I knew it would be a movie that I would most likely find interesting.

I found out that the movie is available on Amazon Prime for rent. Amazon of course led me to the book which the movie is based on and of course just like the movie, the book looks like I would thoroughly enjoy it.

The book looks so good to me that I almost clicked on the buy button. You know the button…the one that just takes one click and a package magically shows up at your door the next day.

But as my thumb hovered over the button I had a second thought.

I knew I would end up watching the movie when I had the time. I also knew that I would probably start reading the book right away. And once I started reading the book I wouldn’t watch the movie until I finished reading the book.

And then I thought that maybe I shouldn’t read the book first.

Because the book is always better than the movie. So if I read the book first and then watched the movie I might be disappointed. I know this from experience. I am almost always disappointed in the movie after I read a good book.

So I have decided to wait to get the book until after I have time to watch the movie, and I should have time to watch the movie later this week.

I have also decided that it should always be this way for any story that has a movie based on a book.

It should always be movie first, book second.

That way the chances of disappointment are less.

I Am Not A Serial Killer trailer: