We all want things that can only be obtained through personal change.

Sometimes we kind of want something, but don’t think much about it. Sometimes we want something that seems hard to get, but tell ourselves it would be too hard to get it. Other things we want so much that we are willing to change entire aspects of our lives to get them.

You say you want to drop twenty pounds so that you are no longer overweight.

But you don’t count calories. You don’t stop eating junk food. You don’t stop yourself from binging on everything within easy reach late at night.

You say that you want to run a personal best time in the marathon.

But you don’t train correctly. You don’t run enough miles to get your body to perform its best. You don’t adjust your diet to properly fuel you during training and racing.

You make excuses. You tell yourself that one day won’t make a difference, but that one day becomes two days and then it becomes a week and then it becomes a month.

Every tiny habit you have affects the way your mind and body operates and reacts to every aspect of life.

You say you want something, you say you want change.

But you are not changing.


What do you really want?