A couple of days ago I posted about watching the movie, I Am Not A Serial Killer, before reading the book it was based on.

Today I had the chance to watch the movie, and for today’s post I have a short review.

If you are interested you can stream the movie on Amazon Prime for $6.99. It doesn’t seem to be available anywhere else yet, but I am sure that will change soon enough.

In I Am Not A Serial Killer John Wayne Cleaver is a high school student from a small town. Not only is he obsessed with serial killers, but he shows many of the predictors of becoming one himself. His therapist assures him he is in control of his own future, but John isn’t so sure.

When a series of gruesome murders start happening around town John can’t help but be intrigued. His family happens to own a funeral home in town so access to the bodies of the victims feed into his obsession.

The pace of the movie seems slow at first, but fits perfectly with the camera angles, sound, and setting to make for a creepy feeling as you watch the town outcast stalk his elderly neighbor while trying to figure out who the killer might be.

Determining the killer was a little predictable, but that didn’t matter much since it is revealed pretty early in the movie. This is more of a thriller than a mystery, so there is much figuring out clues along the way. The story is shown to us and we follow along as John becomes obsessed with the crimes and the killer.

One thing I didn’t get from the trailer of the movie was the supernatural element. It is introduced about a half hour into the movie and is really only used as a seasoning to an already eerie tale. It is introduced in a flash and revealed slowly as John tries to figure out what is happening to the victims that keep appearing in his mother’s funeral home.

Christopher Lloyd gives a fantastic performance and shows range that isn’t usually seen in some of his stereotypical roles. I am not familiar with Max Records, the actor that played John Wayne Cleaver, but he does a pretty good job portraying a troubled youth trying to keep his demons at bay.

There was a jump scare that really took me by surprise and actually added a bit of flavor the a character’s development. Most jump scares I have seen in thriller movies tend to be cheap in their execution. This one was not cheap in any way, but it was the only time I was really startled or “scared” during the movie.

There was also two instances of comic relief that did not fit into the movie at all. The first was in the first few minutes of the movie and was blink and you miss it fast. The second was a news cast after a pair of victims was found in a barber shop. This was the worse of the two and took me out of the story for a minute.

The climax of the movie was very well done and I enjoyed it. Of course there was the showdown with the big bad, and the supernatural element that was woven in. It was tame when compared to big budget thrillers, but I think was dialed in perfectly for this specific movie.

I definitely recommend the movie if you like slow paced (in a good way) thrillers, slight supernatural elements, and a handful of gross out scenes.

I immediately bought the book for the Kindle and will be reading that over the next week or so.

Shouldn’t take me long, and then I’ll have a review comparing the two.