American Horror Story Season 6 – Not Off To A Good Start


This post is going to be heavy on spoilers, so if you have not seen the season 6 premiere of American Horror Story then continue at your own risk. If you have seen it tell me if you are as disappointed as I am.

I am a fan of American Horror Story.

When season three was set to premiere, my wife and I binged on the first two seasons in preparation and have been watching it ever since. Each season has its faults, but overall it is a pretty good show.

As a way to create tension for this years season, the “theme” of the show was never revealed.

Apparently this season’s theme is, poorly produced documentary from the ID Network.

The episode starts with interviews of people talking directly into the camera. The characters in the interview pieces are played by different actors than the same characters played in the…”re-enactment” scenes I guess they are.

They are recounting past events, which include getting attacked during a gang initiation and no longer feeling safe in the city. So we have an interracial couple that no longer feels safe in the city.

Where do they move?

Some backwater, inbred section of the south to buy a house that was build in the 1400s. They bought the house at auction, outbidding the only other buyers which were, you guessed it, white trash rednecks from The Hills Have Eyes.

And now the couple is terrorized by what seems like this same group of rednecks.

The entire time we hear voice over and watch interview portions and it drives me nuts. It doesn’t add anything to the story and actually takes the viewer out of the story. If they would have just stuck with the couple and showed us what was happening as it happened it might have been a bit better.

But the interview portions were a horrible decision.

About halfway through we are introduced to the husband’s sister. He has to leave on a business trip, because tropes, and he wants his sister to stay with his wife so they can watch out for each other.

His sister of course hates his wife.

His sister’s story is very corny and cliche. She was a hard nosed cop on the fast track to make detective. She was shot in the line of duty. Hooked on pain killers she returns to the beat. She runs down a serial rapist that ends up shooting himself, and somehow she is busted for having prescription pills in her car. Fired from the force and divorced, she is now a gritty veteran cop, because more tropes.

All this back story is told in an interview and it is just so over dramatic and not performed well at all.

More creepy terrorizing at the house. Someone sets up a TV and VCR in the basement and plays some weird snuff film or something. The wife and the sister sit and watch the whole thing, because all of a sudden they are not smart at all.

The wife ends up running from the house, leaving her sister-in-law and her husband that just happened to drive back from a business trip over two hours away, and drives down the road only to hit Kathy Bates.

Then she stupidly chases her into the woods and can’t find her way out.

I understand that the first episode, and sometimes the first two or three episodes, will be used for set-up, but this was bad. It set up a story that does not seem interesting, nor did it hook me in and entice me to keep watching.

The actual theme as flashed across the screen is “My Roanoke Nightmare” which apparently has connections to the Roanoke mystery from the missing colony in Virginia. It wasn’t fully explained in this episode, but it might appear there is a cult or group of fanatics connected to that disappearing colony.

The past five seasons of American Horror Story usually had me hooked in the first episode. Never have I been so disappointed in the premiere of the show.

I will give it another couple of episodes to start bringing things together or adding elements that get me hooked, but I am not so sure it can do that. Especially if they continue with this interview bullshit.

American Horror Story My Roanoke Nightmare



  1. Yeah, Bill, we’re disappointed too. We gave it a few more episodes, hoping the writers and producers got off to a rocky start, but it hasn’t improved much. Also don’t care for the reality show/documentary format which does destroy the verisimilitude. The story is disjointed and underdeveloped, the acting often wooden and forced, the plot and story elements frequently trite. It’s a real step down from the beautifully-rendered first season that won me as a fan of the show.

    • I haven’t watched last night’s episode yet, but I am still struggling with this season. I think the actual story itself has potential, but the documentary style makes it bad. And I don’t see what the payoff of that could be and I don’t think it is going to be good. AHS had a pretty decent run, but I think it is fading out. I’ll watch through the end of the season and see what comes of everything.

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