My legs are strong. That comes a little from running and mostly from cycling so much, especially when I used it as my primary form of transportation.

But my upper body is weak.

I have decided, hundreds of times over the years, that I need to do something about that. I always have a goal of getting in better shape and getting stronger.

The thing is, a goal doesn’t mean anything if you don’t change the habits that keep you from reaching that goal.

So yesterday I started a new habit.

I do push ups every day,

It is pretty simple. Every day, usually in the morning, I do three sets of as many push ups as I can. I do push ups to failure, rest a few seconds, maybe even go into child pose, and then repeat two more times.

I even set a reminder on my phone so I don’t skip them.

Push ups alone will not solve all of my problems, but doing them every day will make my arms look and feel less like noodles. Also, doing them every day creates a habit. A habit that can be carried over into other things. A habit that can re-code parts of my brain and create long lasting change that will benefit me in the end.

Big change comes from small habits, and the push ups are just one small habit that will stack with other small habits.