Yesterday at work a co-worker mentioned something a little controversial and followed it up with, “what’s your opinion about that?”

I sensed a trap. Since the incident in question did not involve me I simply said, ” I don’t think anything about anything.”

She laughed about that and teased me a bit. She told me that I always have opinions about things. And she is right. I usually have an opinion about things and I am usually happy to discuss my opinion with an open mind. I’m always ready to talk, listen, and adjust my opinions based on evidence.

Of course there are always times when a debate comes to a stalemate and it can escalate into an argument. Or I have vastly different opinions than the friends and family that I care about, and it can cause awkward tension.

When I really think about it these conversations never really accomplish anything. They are never constructive. I think more often than not these conversations drive a wedge between people because a lot of us are stubborn and we want a black and white reality when truthfully there is always shades of grey.

So I think what I need to do is to take the same stance I did yesterday. I think unless I know what I am about to say will really make a difference then I just need to say,

I don’t think anything about anything.

And leave it at that.