On September 5th I decided to start blogging every day for at least the rest of the year. Today is my 23rd day in a row of publishing a blog post every single day.

And let me tell you I have some great blog posts.

They are fantastic. Some of the best blog posts you’ve ever seen.

I use some great words in my blog posts. Sometimes I use lots of words and sometimes I don’t use a lot of words, but they are always great words. The best words.

You look at what other bloggers are doing, bloggers from China, from Mexico, none of them are blogging like I am blogging. I am blogging every single day. The best blogging. Blog posts every day.

Writing every single day.

The best writing. You’ve never seen better writing than this. This is truly fantastic writing.

I come to the keyboard every day knowing that I will be writing some fantastic words for the world to read. They have to be great words. Great words make great sentences. Great sentences make great paragraphs. And those make great blog posts.

Blogging will be great again, I promise you that.

Blog every day and write every day and blogging and writing will be great.

Simple as that.