Apparently, according to the hash tags that are trending on Twitter, today is National Drink Beer Day. Google confirms this.

September 28th is National Drink Beer Day.

I have a few favorite beers, but let me tell you how I choose new beers when I go to the craft beer section of my local store.

The photo you see here is Philly’s Craft Beer store in Langhorne, PA:

Philly Craft Beer

The inside of Philly’s Craft Beer from their Facebook page.

Look at all those beers!

This store has nothing but beer, and they have the best selection out of all the places close enough to my house to drive by for a beer run.

Most times if I am running into a store for a six pack I am in and out and usually get something familiar just to be safe, but when I go to this store I walk each of the few aisles and look at every single bottle on the shelf.

I watch for labels that catch my eye and usually pick a few of those beers to try out. I will sometimes pick the occasional beer that has a high alcohol content just for kicks.

There are flavors and types that I will gravitate to, but usually I am just looking at the labels that stand out and trying them. I will pretty much try any beer there is.

And since today is National Drink Beer Day, I guess I am going to have to stop at the store after work and get my first pumpkin beer of the season. It will probably be Punkless Dunkel, a beer that I first found because the label looked cool.