It is election season in the United States of America, and no matter where you are in the world you can pretty much see what kind of circus it is.

There are a bunch of problems with the election process, and today I am going to give my opinion on the problem with political commercials that appear on television.

First, it is not the only problem with the commercials, but in my opinion it is a big one.

We are currently being bombarded with commercials from political candidates and the groups that support those candidates. It seems like there are more commercials telling us who to vote for(or not vote for) than there are commercials telling us what to buy.

I haven’t taken a mathematical tally, but I would be willing to guess that more than half of the commercials attack a candidate. Instead of telling us why their candidate is the best choice for the position they tell us all the bad things that the other guy did, complete with creepy music and scary graphics.

The problem here is that the candidate running the commercial actually has more bad things to say about the other person than they have good things to say about themselves.

Those are the kinds of “choices” we have.


Here is another thing I thought about. If a commercial drills into my head that Candidate A is bad, bad, bad and I shouldn’t vote for him, don’t you think you should at least tell me who to actually vote for?

I would be willing to bet that the majority of people that are actually influenced by these commercials might not know who all of the candidates are. They probably don’t know any of there names until they appear on the television. So when it comes time for them to stand in the booth and they are clicking buttons because it is their “patriotic duty” they might just click Candidate A because they have heard that name more than any of the other candidates.

Just once I would like a politician run a completely clean campaign. No mudslinging.  Don’t even mention the other candidates name. Instead tell me about you. Why should I vote for you? Why are you the person for this position? What have you done in the past and what do you vow to do in the future?

But of course…that isn’t how politics work.