I only have about an hour left to write this before the day switches from the second of October to the third of October. If I don’t get this written and posted within the hour, my writing every day streak will end.

So I need to hurry up.

Today was actually going to be somewhat of a productive day. My wife and I had a half marathon scheduled this morning and to make it there in time we needed to wake up at 3:00 am.

The alarm went off and we pushed snooze for a half hour. We woke at 3:30 and slowly started getting ready to go.

Then we got lazy.

It was as a little to easy for us to say forget it and stay home. I secretly didn’t feel like going so when she joked about not going I went with it and she became serious about it and then we stayed home.

Then we turned on Stranger Things on Netflix.

We watched the first four episodes before the sun even came up. After six episodes we napped for a couple of hours.

I did get a couple of errands done, but once that was over we sat back in front of the television to finish off the last two episodes of Stranger Things.

So today was a lazy Sunday, but at least I did another re-watch of the best show Netflix has come out with so far.

And I got another day of blogging in with less than an hour to spare.