I went to the grocery store today and spent too much money on food.

After spending about half an hour checking things off my list, avoiding the things I really shouldn’t get, and grabbing a few things that looked good I went up to the check out lines and pulled my cart behind a lady that didn’t have much more than me and was already getting rung up.

It was in lane four that I would be reminded how crazy some people are.

Grocery Store Supermarket Checkout

A clear and defined end to a customer’s order.

So i get behind this lady and she is putting the last of her items on the belt for the cash register. While I am waiting for her to finish I scope out the place where those little plastic dividers usually are, and there are none there.

That’s fine.

I let her items roll up as the cashier scans her stuff and bags it and when there is about a foot and a half of empty belt I start putting my stuff up. I start with a gallon of milk and two half gallons of tea. I use these to create a line across the belt as a visual clue to the cashier that this is a new order, just in case the big blank space in between items didn’t give it away. I had confidence that he knew the deal and he looked smart enough to figure it out.

The lady looked at me and before I even finished putting the tea up she was looking for a divider. She glanced around panic flashed across her face ever so slightly. It was almost as if she was horrified that some of my items might get mixed in her items. She watched with concern as the cashier scanned the last of her things and she was ready to yell stop if he reached for my milk.

He didn’t reach for it.

So the lady is finished. She pays and leaves. Now I am getting rung up by the cashier. By the time another customer pulls in behind me the cashier has already scanned half my order and there is plenty of room on the belt. You can see in the photo at the top of this post that there is more than enough room on the belt for someone to start stacking stuff on.

The guy tht pulls in line behind me looks for the divider and sees the same thing I did, an empty slot. Then he goes to two other lanes looking for a divider to put on the belt behind my order. Apparently he didn’t find one because he came back empty handed and waited behind me while the cashier finished ringing me up.

The guy didn’t put a single item on the belt until my last couple of items were within reach of the cashier.

Is it me, or are people crazy like this?

I mean…there is plenty of room on the belt, and the cashier isn’t stupid.