Yoga Hosers is the second piece in Kevin Smith’s True North trilogy. The trilogy which also includes Tusk and the yet to be released Moose Jaws is a series of films born from the crazy ramblings of SMODcast.

SMODcast in case you might not know is the podcast Kevin Smith does with his hetero lifemate Scott Mosier.

Thanks to Amazon Prime I finally got a chance to see the movie and I am not going to beat around the bush here. Yoga Hosers is a stupid movie. But when I say stupid movie I mean that in a good way.

Good stupid.

Yoga Hosers follows the story of two Colleens, two BFFs that are cartoony, although surprisingly accurate, renditions of today’s youth. The Colleens must face an army of bratwurst Nazis and their leader responsible for a Nazi conspiracy unlike anything Canada has ever seen.

The Bratzis are crawling up people’s assholes and out their mouths as a means to kill them and steal their body parts for a hideous monster, the goalie golem.

Watching the movie is like listening to a kid tell you a story that he is making up as he goes along. He just rips things from his memories and puts in things that he likes along the way. And with this movie Kevin Smith has turned that type of story telling into an art form.

Yoga Hosers was destroyed by the critics, and ironically enough the relationship with critics is addressed in this movie. This review here says that Kevin Smith is now only making movies for himself. The reviewer says it is like he and his friends are getting together and making movies that belong on YouTube and not released as feature films.

And to that I say so fucking what?

Smith has already admitted that Tusk was made because he wanted to make a movie that only he could make.

But the statement that Kevin Smith is making movies only for himself is not entirely true. At least not in my opinion.

Kevin Smith is making movies for himself…and his hardcore fans.

Like I said at the top of this post, the True North trilogy was born out of meaningless talk on some of Kevin Smith’s podcasts. Elements from those podcasts are sprinkled all throughout the movie from the Beanitos on the shelf at the Eh to Zed to Ralph Garmin giving his villainous monologue in the voices of Sylvester Stallone, Al Pacino, and Adam West.

So can you say the movie is legitimately bad? Yes. Of course you can, but the movie might not be made for you.

Who should watch Yoga Hosers and by extension Tusk and eventually Moose Jaws?

If you are a casual movie fan, you probably won’t like it.

If you are a Kevin Smith fan you have about a 50-50 shot of liking the film. Maybe even less.

But if you are a hardcore fan of SMODcast and all of the ridiculousness that is Kevin Smith then you should definitely watch the movie.

You’ll love it.