A couple of hours ago I opened my laptop and turned it on thinking that I would write a pretty good blog post about The Walking Dead.

But for the second time in less than four months my computer would not start.

It was stuck on the white screen with the Apple logo, only this time the Apple logo was replaced by a circle with a slash through it.

Not something I wanted to see.

After trying a few different things I finally got hard drive patched up and the computer started. I immediately backed up the computer which I have not done in about two months, and now I am so scared that my “vintage” MacBook will take a dump on me I will be backing the computer up at least once a week.

The computer is running fine now, and I’ll be writing that Walking Dead post tomorrow.

But that gets me thinking…so much is done on the computer. Banking. Paying bills. Writing. Communicating. Research. Entertainment. Now, when the computer goes down it can be challenging to do the things that need to be done.

I do have backups of everything. And the really important stuff is saved in multiple locations including the “cloud.” And I have an iPhone and an iPad so I can access mostly everything I need…

Come to think of it…do we even need computers anymore?