This weekend AMC released a three and a half minute sneak peek of the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead. If you haven’t seen it yet, and I am sure you have, you can see it here.

Now that we are so far gone from the disappointing sixth season finale cliffhanger the anger has died down some. Fans of the show have shifted their attention to theories and ideas about who Lucille’s victim is, and what might happen in the premiere, which is now less than two weeks away.

The sneak peek gives us a little more information than we had before, and now the theories are really growing legs. Here are my thoughts on who gets the bat and how the first few episodes of the season might go.

The first thing we see is a shot of Rick with blood splatter on the right side of his face. I am no Dexter, but it looks like it might be splatter that slings from Negan’s bat as he is taking a swing, or more likely pulling back for another swing.

This would tell us that the victim is on Rick’s right. So who was situated to Rick’s right side in the lineup?

The Walking Dead

Glenn – Rosita – Darryl – Michonne – Abraham – Maggie

Directly to Rick’s right is Maggie, Abraham, Michonne, Darryl, Rosita, and Glenn. I have always thought that Abraham would be Negan’s victim, and with this new information I still stand by that idea. But is he the only victim?

Let me first re-visit the finale. I just watched it again this morning, and there is a scene where Abraham and Eugene are saying their goodbyes to each other because Eugene has volunteered to risk his own life so the rest of the group can get to Hilltop.

When watching that scene the first time around it looks like we are saying goodbye to Eugene, because chances are he ain’t going to make it. But watching that scene again this morning made me realize that we are not saying goodbye to Eugene, we are saying goodbye to Abraham. The scene even ends with Eugene pulling Abraham in for a hug like a little kid that knows it is the last time he will ever see his dad.

Now, back to the sneak peek. Negan starts talking about how important it is to have a right hand man. (More on that foreshadowing in a minute.) He even ponders if the man he just smashed was Rick’s right hand man. Obviously we know that Abraham, while an important figure of the group, is not Rick’s right hand man. But stepping out of that RV and looking at the people kneeling before him it would appear, judging only on appearances, that Abraham was the right hand man.

Rick is hanging on to the very last thread he has and tells Negan that he will eventually kill him. Negan doesn’t take lightly to that and with Rick’s hatchet in his belt, he drags Rick into the RV to “convince” him that his old life is over and now he is a servant.

A lot of people have said that they think Negan will chop off Rick’s right hand. This would be true, in a way, to the comic book. Andrew Lincoln has said that he would like Rick to get his hand chopped off. And this would be a good way to really change the dynamic of the show.

After we see them go into the RV the camera pans down and we see a pile of brains and guts that is totally un-recognizable. I don’t think that is Abraham on the ground. I think that is the second victim. I think Negan killed two people and the second victim is Maggie.

According to The Spoiling Dead Fans on Facebook, Greg Nicotero inadvertently slipped in an interview and said “if we would have shown the deaths…”

DeathS. That is deaths with an S. Plural of death, meaning at least two deaths.

Here is why I think Maggie is the second victim: Because this will have a huge impact on Glenn. Because it is the way Glenn dies in the comic book, and therefore a fitting death for his wife in the show. And because of this shot in the teaser showing an engagement ring mixed with guts…

The Walking Dead

It looks like Maggie was taking a few blows to the head and reflexively raised her hands to protect herself. Frail hands of a sick person will not do much when faced with the barbed wire wrapped Lucille and her master Negan.

Here is how I think the first couple of episodes of season seven will play out

We open the show right where we left off, and we see Abraham get beat to a bloody pulp. Or at least see as much as AMC will allow us to see.

Then we cut away from them and we see what is happening with Carol and Morgan. This will probably lead to some disappointment with viewers and a lot of outrage on Twitter, since this is not the story we want to see in the first episode.

I think the episode will end back with Rick’s group, probably in the RV and there will be sort of a cliffhanger as we see Rick get his hand cut off. Or see the threat of his hand getting cut off and then see the chop in the next episode.

I don’t think they will reveal Maggie’s death until episode two or maybe even episode three. They might tell us somehow in the first episode that two people died after we see Abraham die, but that will be to create suspense and drag us along a little longer. Just like they like to do with us.

I may be wrong. There are a hundred other theories floating around the internet and this one is mine.

So lets see what happens, and tell me what you think might happen.