Yesterday I talked about who I think Negan killed in The Walking Dead and how I think the first couple of episodes will play out. Go ahead and read it for the details if you haven’t, but I’ll just tell you I think it is Abraham and Maggie that get the bat.

I get a lot of thinking done when I go for a walk or a run and yesterday I went for a long walk and couldn’t stop thinking about this topic. I still think it will be Abraham and Maggie that get killed, but there are a few things that point to someone other than Abraham being the first victim.

There is a pretty good chance that Daryl Dixon dies in season seven of The Walking Dead.

I have dismissed the idea that Daryl is the one that dies because he is such a huge fan favorite, but what if they pull a Game of Thrones and are willing to kill off a fan favorite?

Here is the evidence that Daryl Dixon might be Negan’s male victim:

The Talking Dead

For a while, there was consistency that a surprise guest cast member on the Talking Dead meant that cast member was about to die. We would see their death and find out they were the surprise guest on The Talking Dead that night.

BUT…during season six there were numerous surprise guest cast members, and every time there was Chris Hardwick would say, “surprise guest cast member, that doesn’t mean anything” in an attempt to convince us that no one would be dying that night. And every time he said that the surprise guest did NOT die in that night’s episode.

THEN…for a couple weeks they started advertising that Norman Reedus would be the guest cast member on the season finale of The Talking Dead. I immediately thought that they were throwing us off all season with the surprise guest cast members only to actually tell us who would be dying in the finale by announcing his appearance on The Talking Dead.

Is that what they did?

The Right Hand Man

In the AMC sneak peek that I discussed yesterday Negan gives a short little speech about having a good right hand man. Speculation has been that this is foreshadowing Rick getting his right hand cut off, and I originally thought it might be a red herring about who died.

BUT…what if they are outright telling us that Negan killed Rick’s right hand man? Even though Negan performed the whole production of randomly picking a victim, he already knew who he would take. Killing someone from a new group is strategic and taking out Rick’s right hand man would weaken the group, just like Negan said.

AND…Daryl is already injured from a bullet wound, but he is a tough mother fucker. When he takes that first blow to the head and stays upright Negan is surprised and says, “Taking it like a champ!”

The Blanket

At the end of the sneak peek we pan down to see a blanket and a pile of brains. I, along with a lot of fans online, have been focused on the wedding ring hidden in the blood. But the blanket is right there. It is the most obvious thing we can see besides the gore.

It is the same blanket that Daryl had wrapped around him when he got pulled out of the van, and he has that blanket on him during the entire lineup. If he gets beaten down there is a pretty good chance the blanket wouldn’t stay wrapped around his shoulders.

Red Herring

These could all be red herrings to make us think Daryl is the one that gets killed. Daryl is such a huge character and a big fan favorite that many people are confident that he is safe.

But what if they are actually telling us who died before the season even starts?

What if Daryl Dixon has his head smashed in?

Do we riot?