In a couple hours or so the newest and final trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will premiere on Good Morning America.

Isn’t it weird how movie trailers are now teased to us and premiered at specific times? It is almost like we want the trailers more than the actual movie sometimes.

That isn’t why I am writing this though. This post is about the sub-title of the newest Star Wars movie, A Star Wars Story.

Ever since the title of the film was released I have been bothered by the sub-title. Isn’t every Star Wars movie, book, comic, cartoon a Star Wars story?

I understand why it is technically there. It is there to distinguish the main episodes apart from the other stories within the Star Wars timeline.

This sub-title isn’t there for Star Wars fans though. It is there for the masses.

I may sound a little elitist here by saying that fans of the Star Wars franchise will know the movie as Rogue One and they do not need explanation about where it fits in the story line or why it isn’t part of the main episodes or anything like that. Even those fans that are less hardcore than others understand what this movie is about and know that Rogue One is indeed a Star Wars story.

But I think the sub-title is a little insulting, even to someone that is not a fan of Star Wars but merely watches the movies.

Seeing the posters and the trailers and the promos that go out to a mass audience will tell you that it is a Star Wars story. Obviously it is a Star Wars story.

So why do they need to tell us that the movie is a Star Wars story? I did a quick Google search and scanned some of the results, but haven’t seen a true reason for the titling the way it is. I am sure if I dig deeper and look at interviews I will find the answer eventually. I just can’t help but wonder…

Why isn’t the movie titled Star Wars: Rogue One?

Or simply Rogue One?