For Halloween this year my youngest son wants to dress as Michael Myers.

Not the Michael Myers from Austin Powers. He wants to dress as Michael Myers, the psychotic killer from the Halloween movies.

He is only 9 years old.

He knows of Michael Myers because he has seen pictures and memes online. He knows the general idea of Michael Myers as a creepy guy in a mask that chases and kills people.

But if he wants to be Michael Myers for Halloween then he needs the whole story.

That is why I am showing my kids the Halloween movies. They saw the 2007 re-make the day before yesterday on AMC and I DVRd the original with Jamie Lee Curtis so we can watch it together as a family.

The family that scares together, stays together.

Believe it or not they actually went to sleep with no problem after watching the re-make.

My oldest son was a little jittery when he had to ride his bike home from band practice. In the dark.

He said that when he left the building and walked over to where his bike was locked up everything was dark. There was a single streetlight that was dim and yellow shining right down on the exact spot the bike was locked. He said it was like a horror movie as he went over and unlocked his bike.

He also said he rode home faster than he had ever rode home before. He was out of breath when he came in the front door.

The kids are at the proper age where we can get them a little scared every now and again. Fear is good for you. Fear is why we have survived as a human race for all these years.