Yesterday I told you about the half marathon that I ran this weekend.

Leading up to this race I was starting to feel a little burned out with running. I was getting frustrated because my training wasn’t going as planned. This was the last real race on my schedule for quite some time, so I told myself that after this race I would just take a break. I would cut back on running and relax some.

But cutting back on an addiction is hard.

This morning I woke up and was relieved that I didn’t have a workout on the calendar.

It was nice to be able to exercise if I wanted to, but know that I could not exercise if I didn’t want to. As I write this I still haven’t done anything to exercise, but I told myself I might lift some weights in the garage later just to do something.

This afternoon I got the mail.

In the mail was the latest issue of Runner’s World magazine. I also subscribe to Triathlete magazine and Bicycling magazine. Whenever a new issue of any of these magazines comes in the mail I get a little shot of adrenaline. All I have to do is flip through the magazine for a few minutes and I can feel the urge to go do whatever that magazine is telling me to do and start training hard for a race.

Swim. Bike. Run. Workout.

Flipping through today’s issue of Runner’s World magazine showed me a few instances of the word “marathon” and even though I told myself I will not be thinking about the marathon for quite some time I find myself with the urge to train for a marathon.

I don’t want to train for a marathon, but I do want to train for a marathon.

I will stick to what I said before and give myself some rest for a little bit. I need to focus my attention on some other work before I dedicate a bunch of time to training for another marathon or triathlon. Over the winter I want to log a lot more miles on the bike and definitely get back in the pool a couple times a week.

But for now it is just exercise.