I don’t really listen to a lot of music. Instead, I am the type of guy that could listen to talk radio all day long. The problem is that the talk that appears on regular radio stations isn’t that interesting.

That is why god invented podcasts.

I have quite a number of podcasts loaded up on my phone. Podcasts about running, publishing, writing, business, television shows, comedy podcasts, serious podcasts, and more.

And usually I will find one podcast through another podcast and that just adds to the list of podcasts I listen to.

I found The Dollop from a friend on Facebook. The Dollop mentioned My Favorite Murder which then led me to Last Podcast on the Left.

And every podcast I listen to has episodes at least an hour long. Some podcasts can run 2 or 3 hours.

How do I keep up with all these shows?

I always listen when I am driving alone in the car. A 40 minute commute each way to my day job helps with that.

I listen to them while I am running.

I like to have my iPhone sitting on the counter so I can listen while doing dishes or cooking.

But I still have not found enough hours in the day to listen to every podcast I want to. There are some shows I have to listen to every episode as it comes out, but that means other shows get neglected for a couple weeks until I can catch up with them.

I still can’t figure out how to keep up with all these podcasts though.