Yesterday I watched the third and final presidential debate.

Watching those debates is a dangerous thing. I can sometimes feel my blood pressure going up as I listen to some of the things said by both candidates. Sometimes something said is so stupid or frustrating I want to yell at someone.

Luckily I have Twitter for that.

I watched the debate on CNN. I don’t usually watch the big news networks but when something is happening CNN is my default.

After the debate I kept CNN on for a little while and listened to the talking heads discuss the debate and argue back and forth about the candidates. I’ll say that this didn’t make my blood boil as much as the debate themselves, and at times I actually enjoyed listening to their thoughts and opinions.

And I’ve liked Anderson Cooper since I first saw him host The Mole, so he keeps me watching.

Watching CNN last night I thought to myself that I should be watching it a little more often. I have tried watching news networks here and there, but always get frustrated and stop watching.

Sometimes those frustrations manifest themselves in the urge to yell at the television.

Can I actually watch CNN without yelling at the television screen?

I could always yell into the Twitterverse.