Earlier today my car hit a milestone. The odometer clicked over to 200,000 miles.

Of course I had to pull over and snap a picture of it for Instagram, or else the significance of it would be lessened.

200000milesMy car is a 2003 Ford Escape. I bought it in 2004 after it had been leased to another driver for just one year. When I drove it home there were just over 12,000 miles on the car.

I have driven that car a lot. To Tennessee, to New York, throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, down to Maryland and Virginia. It has gone through a lot and given me fantastic performance.

When I mentioned that I was about to hit 200,000 miles at work someone told me it was time to buy a new car.

But why? The car is paid off. It is still running strong. It gets decent gas mileage for how old it is. I could probably drive this thing another 200,000 miles before I need a new car.

Maybe that is what I will do. Another 200K. I’m sure I can plan some long road trips to help me get those numbers up.

I might need to get a tune up first though.