It is only about 2 hours and 15 minutes to the season premiere of The Walking Dead. I have already done two blogposts about who I think will get Negan’s bat. My first theory was Abraham and Maggie but then I also wrote a few reasons why I think Daryl might also be getting it.

Now with just a short time to go before the premiere I am starting to think that Daryl is definitely going to die.

The reason for this is all of the subtle clues that have been dripped to us over the past few weeks. Like I said I wrote a post with a few reasons Daryl might die, and those still stand. But here are a few other things I’ve seen real quick:

Dwight is wearing Daryl’s vest in a few different commercials for the new season. In the comic Daryl did not exist, but a lot of Dwight’s traits were seen in Daryl. So maybe now that Dwight is here we don’t need Daryl anymore.

There is a commercial that is basically a trailer for season seven running on AMC. That trailer ends with the bat pointing right at Daryl’s head. I know they’ve done a commercial for a few of the cast members showing their start and possibly their end, but this wasn’t one of those commercials.

Greg Nicotero posted a picture on his Instagram today showing a bunch of the cast photoshopped into the photograph that appears in The Shining with Jack Nicholson. This version of the picture has the logo for the restaurant owned by Norman and Greg, but I don’t think it is a promo for the restaurant. The picture has Daryl in the spot Jack Nicholson appeared and in The Shining Jack Nicholson ends up dead.

It has also been told that Norman Reedus will be working on the second sequel for The Boondock Saints. If he is taking on more projects, maybe that means he has more time to work on those projects. And maybe he now has the freedom to change his look for those projects?

So I still don’t know. Maybe I ave only been seeing more of the clues about Daryl dying because of confirmation bias.

Maybe those clues are being dropped to throw us off.

But I don’t think so. I think the clues have all been pretty subtle. I think if they were going to throw us off they would have tried to put the clues right in our face, but instead they made the clues ones that are easily missed. Hell the picture from The Shining went over a lot of people’s heads on Reddit because a lot of them didn’t even know it was from the Shining, and some even criticized it or being a sloppy Photoshop job.

Maybe it is a misdirect. But maybe it is Daryl’s time to go.

I can say this…I haven’t been this excited for a season premiere of The Walking Dead yet.