This morning I woke up as normal and packed my kid’s lunches. After waking my oldest son up I sat on the couch for what I thought would be just a minute and when in a blink it was already time for him to leave for school.

I swiped on my iPhone and lost twenty minutes of time.

Last night I had posted and tweeted about The Walking Dead. I am glad that some of my prediction was wrong, but deep down knew that part of it was right.

Anyway, after I did what I needed to do this morning to start my son getting ready for school I sat on the couch to catch up with those tweets and Facebook posts. I thought it would only take a minute. Just see what everyone else commented and thought about the show.

I remember the cuckoo clocking chiming the hour shortly after I sat down. That meant it was seven o’clock in the morning.

When I happened to look up from my phone and see the time on the cable box it was 7:22. I looked back at my phone to make sure it was right.

I had to jump up and yell to my son it was time to leave.

What happened to those minutes? Where they lost in a time warp? A worm hole? An unknown vortex?

One swipe of the iPhone screen and I lost twenty minutes of life.