Yesterday I talked about how it benefits me to break projects down into smaller tasks and focus on getting each task done no matter how small it is.

Sometimes I make these task so ridiculously small that there is absolutely no excuse for not doing them. But even when I do that I still sometimes procrastinate and put off doing whatever needs to be done.

Getting started is usually harder than doing the actual work.

Of course, once I get started I can usually get into a flow and the work flies by. What starts as s ingle task becomes more. A thousand words becomes three thousand. A seed of an idea becomes an entire row of plants ready to start a forest.

But…the later I get started the less likely I am to get into that flow.

If I wait until the evening, or even late afternoon, to start working on the next thing on my list it is too late. I am already drained at that point in the day and I struggle to even kick start the engine, much less get it racing down the track.

So start early and just start. Once you get moving it will take a lot more resistance to slow you down than if you are already at a stand still.