Today I was going to publish a short story and make it available on Amazon. Today’s blog post was supposed to be about that story with a link encouraging you to buy it. (Or read it for free if you have Kindle Unlimited.)

As you can see, this post is not about that story.

When publishing on Amazon there are a bunch of details that need to be filled in, and once you click submit Amazon reviews those details before approving or not approving your publication. That approval usually takes a few hours.

I filled in everything that I needed to fill in earlier this morning, and then I hopped on my bike and rode the trainer for an hour while watching the next episode of Luke Cage.

When I was done the ride I checked my dashboard and the story I was trying to publish was back to “draft” status which meant it was not in the process of being published.

I checked my email. Nothing. I glanced through the settings. Nothing. No notes or notifications that anything was wrong. So instead of waiting a little longer I clicked submit again and it went into the review process.

About half an hour after submitting for the second time I got an email notifying me that it couldn’t be published because of an issue with keywords.


I went back to the dashboard and the story was still in review. And it has been in review ever since.

If I would have been a little more patient, or paid more attention to the details when scrolling though, the story would most likely be published by now.

I have no doubt that it will fail review one more time and I can fix the mistake, but that means the story probably won’t be ready until tomorrow.

Stay tuned.