Late last night I finally published another short story.

Dinner in the Dark is a short horror story and is available exclusively on Amazon and that means if you area  Kindle Unlimited subscriber you can read the story for free.

Dinner in the Dark is the story of two guys going out to eat. Dan doesn’t usually like to try new things, but Shane has convinced him to try this new restaurant that is in town for a limited time only. Now they are sitting down to eat and Dan isn’t sure they can get out alive.

Dinner in the Dark by Bill DowisI got the idea for this story from the podcast Worst. Show. Ever. I forget which episode it was, but one of the hosts was talking about a dinner experience he had while on vacation and of course the other host couldn’t stop commenting on how horrible it would have been for him.

I encourage you to check out the Dinner in the Dark on Amazon. It is available for a low low price of $1.29, but like I said if you have Kindle Unlimited you can read it for free. And if you like the story be sure to leave a review on Amazon. If you hate the story then yell at me here in the comments or on Twitter.