My last triathlon this year was back in July. Since then I have not done a swim workout or any kind really. I have gone swimming recreationally and in the ocean. But no swim workout. 

Today I got back in the pool. 

I didn’t plan a specific workout. I figured I would just get back into the pool and swim laps at an easy pace until I felt like stopping. Planning a hardcore workout isn’t always such a good idea after a long layoff because you aren’t quite sure where your fitness is at. 

Good thing I played it by ear. 

After 200 yards at an easy pace I took a short rest. Then I swam a little bit more. I did another 200 and then 100 and the. I did 100 as fast as I possibly could. 

After a really slow 50 yard cool down I had saw a total of 650 yards in about 17 minutes or so. 

And I was feeling it. I was tired for quite a while after getting out of the pool. 

But swimming is a great exercise and a fantastic way to block out some of the senses and really get into a state of flow. 

So I will be back in the pool this winter. At least once or twice a week even if it is just to meditate some.