Yesterday was the third day of National Novel Writing Month.

If there is one thing I learned from doing this in the past it is this: Get ahead early. Use the first few days to get above pace for the month and bank as many words as possible. This is a little easier to do when the first of the month lands on a weekend, but significantly harder when the first of the month is on a Tuesday.

But yesterday I had off from my day job and I was determined to make it a big day.

Besides being off from work, I had only two chores that needed to be done. Clean the bathroom and watch Blade Runner.

That left plenty of time to write. Which I did in the morning before getting the kids off to school, and then a little more when they left for school. And then I finished my two chores and went back to writing.

I was already a little ahead of schedule. Day two ended with 5,125 words which was a little less than 2,000 above goal. That made my daily goal shrink to a little less than 1,600 words per day if I want to finish by the 30th, but I always stick to the 1,667 goal at least.

So 1,667 words was my first goal to reach yesterday, and I did that pretty quickly.

After some more writing I broke 7,000 words and made my next goal to reach 8,000.

Once I reached 8,000 words I realized that it was only a couple hundred more before I reached 3,000 words written for the day. So I pushed it to a little more than 8,000 words and was ready to call it. That is a lot of words written and I was starting to feel a little worn out.

But then I noticed…

The pace for day 5 is 8,333 words. I could get two full days ahead of pace if I just pound out another hundred or so words.

So I did.

I ended the day with 8,336 words total. 3,211 words for the day. An average of 2,778 words per day. And brought my daily quota down to 1,488 words.

Here is what my graph looks like right now:


But here is another tip I like to follow: Never aim for less than 1,667 words per day. Even though my quota needed to finish on time is only 1,488 words per day I will still aim for 1,667. Any extra words over the quota is money in the bank.

So keep writing!