In less than 24 hours I will hopefully have finished casting my vote in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Pennsylvania doesn’t have early voting, but even if it did I am not so sure I could have voted early. I am not undecided who to vote for, because honestly I am voting against someone.

But now the question comes…do I cast a protest vote or do I hold my nose and cast a vote that will actually count toward someone?

Here are a few final thoughts going into election day…

  • It blows my mind how some people blindly follow a candidate no matter what happens, and will accept no criticism of that candidate no matter what.
  • It blows my mind that criticizing one major candidate makes people assume you are supporting, and in fact agree with everything the other major candidate says and does.
  • It blows my mind how people that constantly brag about what they “believe in” will support a candidate that clearly goes against the fundamentals of that belief.
  • If we are ever going to destroy the two party system it will not be in a presidential election. We need to vote other parties into the Senate and the House. The two party system will crumble from the inside, but we have to put other parties in position to pick up the pieces.
  • I see a lot of criticism of the Republican party. How they have failed to give us a candidate that will be good for this country. But you know what…same goes for the Democratic party. We had the chance to nominate someone that wants to truly make a difference. Who has spent his life making a difference. And is not surrounded and permeated with scandal and controversy. Sure, not everything he said would work perfectly on the first try, but he would at least give it a try.
  • No matter who “wins” tomorrow, the real winners are the corporations and the big names that are connected to the candidates. The people casting their single vote will not win anything. The people that cast their votes all year long with millions and billions of dollars are the winners.

During the primary election I actually voted FOR someone. But tomorrow I will only be casting my vote AGAINST someone.