I can’t believe that November is halfway over already.

Just an hour or so ago I just wrapped my head around the fact that here in the U.S. Thanksgiving Day is next week.

And NaNoWriMo has reached its mid-point.

I have been doing very well this year for NaNo. I am having fun writing my novel and making significant progress every day. When I have thoughts about edits that need to be made or adjustments that I might need for the story to work I simply note them down directly in my Scrivener file and keep going.

I started the month with a big jump in word count. I wanted to create a buffer for when the inevitable slow days show up I wouldn’t fall far behind. And that was smart.

The last three days have been less than stellar word counts because of life responsibilities and such. I still wrote each day, but thanks to the buffer I had created I was able to stay on pace knowing that there are other days that will have more time for writing.

And today was one of those days.

National Novel Writing Month - NaNoWriMo

Heading into today I was 734 words ahead of pace. As you can see from the graph on my NaNoWriMo page the big margin I had built up early in the month had dwindled.

Today I was free from my day job which meant focused work on my second job. Writing this novel. I met the daily word count shortly after my kids left for school and then I took a break.

I road my bike while watching another episode of Luke Cage, made lunch, and went right back to writing.

My aim was to write as many words as I could and build another lead over the pace needed. Once I hit 25,000 words total I kept watching other little benchmarks and focusing on those as my total word count continued to grow.

A new trick I am doing now is to watch the next 100 words. For instance I will watch today’s word count until I reach 3,200 and then watch my total word count until I get to 27,300 and then it is back to the daily count until a rounded 100 and right back to the total word count for the next 100.

This is a good trick to get to a goal. 3,000 sounds like a lot of words, but it is only 100 words 30 times.

But 3,000 words is tiring. I am feeling a little exhausted mentally right now. I am in the middle of a scene that is already planned out so I could power through it and get another 1,000 or 1,500 words, but a break is fine now. Plus it gives me a good starting point for tomorrow.

Which has the potential to be another big day.

I can also say this…I haven’t had this much fun with NaNoWriMo since my first few times doing it in 2006, 07, and 08.