Back on September 5th I started a blogging streak.

I promised to blog every single day for the rest of the year. That would have come out to a 117 day blogging streak had I kept up with it, but I actually ended up breaking the streak on November 11, ironically enough with a post about fasting from technology.

The streak did not make it to the end of the year like I had planned, but at 68 days long I think it was still a success. Here are a few things I learned from the streak:

Writing Every Day Is Good For You

When taking on the challenge to blog every day I pretty much wrote a blog post every single day. I did not write any in advance and I did not schedule posts ahead of time. That meant writing every day. And even when I wrote a shitty blog post I was getting words onto a digital page and that was loosening up my creative muscles and getting a good flow working.

Sometimes I Need To Be Reminded To Do Things

I can forget things pretty quick. So I set two alerts on my phone. One for 7:00 in the morning reminding me to write a blog post and another for 7:00 at night reminding me that it was last call for a blog post and if I did not have one I better get one done quick. There were plenty of times I was sitting at my computer at 8:00 at night trying to figure out what to write.

Not Every Blog Post Has To Be Life Changing

I read a lot of stuff online and most of what I read has some sort of purpose. Maybe it is trying to get people to think more deeply about something. Maybe it is trying to show people something from a different point of view. Maybe it is meant to lead someone to a call to action that will benefit both the reader and the writer. So when I was sitting down to write I would try to be philosophical or witty or have some great blog post that would blow people’s minds. But I soon realized that a blog post can simply be a blog post. A blog post can be as simple as two paragraphs talking about one thing and that being the end of it.

A Schedule Is A Good Thing To Have

I was not posting much on this blog before I started the streak. Once I did start the streak I then had a schedule by default. Every day a blog post. The streak was broken and I said to myself, I’ll post once or twice a week whenever I have something to talk about. But I wasn’t posting once or twice a week. So I set a schedule of a new post every Monday. I even have alerts on my phone for Friday and Sunday reminding me to get a post ready and scheduled if I don’t have one yet. I can still post whenever I have something else going on, like finally getting the NES Classic, but Monday is always a guaranteed day.

It Doesn’t Matter If The Posts Get Read

I just finished up a novel for NaNoWriMo that is the first book in a new series character I have developed. When I get it published and have the second and third books in the pipeline I will want to draw people to this blog to show them those books. But right now I blog just for me. I write things and put them here and if people read them thats good. If they comment or share, that is better. But if the post just sits there and is never seen, doesn’t matter. I am writing.

So there you have it. A few things that I have learned, or that I had already known but learned again. Writing is something that I really enjoy and something that I want to make a living from. This blog is not something that will provide me a living, but it does provide me an outlet for that writing.