I have so many books that I forget what books I actually have.

I have a bookcase in the office that is overflowing. I have a bookcase in the garage that is almost overflowing. I boxes of books in the shed that are overflowing. And I have a Kindle Paperwhite that is…well, far from overflowing, but there are a lot of books on there.

I have so many books that I am in danger of buying books that I already have without even realizing it. In fact, Amazon just saved me from doing that very thing the other day.

So, I saw a mention about a writer, Brandon Sanderson, not too long ago and he caught my eye. He was hired to finish the Wheel of Time books based on the late Robert Jordan’s notes, and he writes his own series of epic fantasy.

After reading a little bit about him, and knowing that I love the Wheel of Time series, I figured that I would look at what he has written himself. The first book in his Stormlight series is titled The Way of Kings. I read up on him and thought about telling my wife to get me the paperback for Christmas.

But first I decided to check out the sample on Kindle before committing to the paperback.

I logged onto Amazon and looked up the book. Before I could click the sample button I saw the notice at the top of the sales page that I had already bought the book.

You purchased this item on September 30, 2014

Over two years ago!

So I clicked on the sales info and saw that I bought the book for a ridiculously low price and it clicked. The book was on special and it looked interesting so I clicked buy with the plans to check it out later.

Yet another addition on my To Be Read list.

And I do stuff like that all the time with books.

A Kindle deal that is too good to pass up. Buy. An indie writer promoting his latest book or series. Buy. At the thrift store with rows and rows of books. Buy. Buy. Buy.

I have so many books that I could buy the same one more than once and would not even notice.