I just got home from a 7:00 PM showing of Rogue One – A Star Wars Story and I must say I am blown away.

I have to post a few first impressions that I have of the movie. I will be watching it again on Sunday afternoon and will most likely write a full review after another viewing, but for now here is what was going through my head as the credits rolled.

  • This is the best Star Wars movie yet. Better than The Empire Strikes Back. Better than The Force Awakens. And it goes without saying that this is the best prequel of the entire series.
  • It ended just how it should have ended and the last 10 or 15 minutes seriously sent chills through my entire body.
  • This is the only Star Wars movie, so far, that feels like an actual war movie. You are down in the trenches with troops fighting a war. And it has all the dirty gritty feelings of war.
  • There was some CGI that took me back for a minute, but I was able to overlook it. Plenty of practical effects made up for the difference, and the CGI in question was done exceptionally well.
  • My first impression of Darth Vader had some mixed feelings.
  • My final impression of Darth Vader was exactly what it should have been and always should be when we see Darth Vader. Perfection.
  • A couple of things felt shoe horned in. I’ll give more details in a full review that has spoilers clearly marked out.
  • There was just the right amount of comic relief. Although there was a joke that was put in there that felt like it was from an 80’s action movie. More on that in a later post.

Did I mention that this was the best Star Wars movie that has been made so far?

Because it is.