Month: January 2017

Jack Reacher Meets The X-Files

As I write this I am just weeks away from publishing the first novel in a new series I have been brainstorming for quite some time.

The novel is titled Extraction and it is the first Jacob Hunter novel.

But who is Jacob Hunter?

Jacob Hunter is the person we would have if Jack Reacher investigated The X-Files.

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How Do You Heat Your Soup?

I have started to eat soup a little bit more than I have in the past.

Soup is a pretty good option for a meal during the day. I go with canned soup such as Progresso because they have a large variety of options. And depending on what soup I choose I can get a good dose of vegetables and have a filling meal with not a lot of calories.

A thought that came to me the other day while preparing lunch was…how should I heat my soup?

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The Ghostbusters Reboot – Way Better Than Expected

I am usually pretty cynical when it comes to reboots of my favorite childhood television shows and movies. It just seems like the studios get our hopes and then fall flat, especially when the nostalgia factor is high.

So when the Ghostbusters reboot was announced I had mixed emotions. I was excited for the franchise to make it back to the big screen, but I was expecting that I would once again be let down and not like the movie.

Boy was I wrong.

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A Real Writer Resolution for 2017

Last week I wrote about my goal for 2017 as a writer and what I plan to do to meet that goal in 2017.

Goals and plans are more important to make than resolutions, but I do have one writer resolution for 2017 and it is this…

View writing as the work that it actually is and do that work.

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New Year, New Me, No Bullshit

Well, here we are. The new year. Two thousand and seventeen.

It is January 2nd. I am starting to settle nicely into the new year, and I am already feeling good about my goals and resolutions.

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